MBMP​ was established in 2015 as a natural Medicinal Cannabis Distribution Company based out of beautiful British Columbia.  We are a family orientated business that strives to help individuals suffering from a variety of ailments by offering a supplemental treatment to traditional medicines, which have shown to be ineffective, or the side effects from such medicines have produced greater discomfort than the condition itself.  Whether it be for chronic pain management, mental health, day-to-day aches and pains or just simply for people seeking an alternative to pharmaceuticals.

We take great pride in our community and give back as often as we can.  MBMP wholeheartedly contributes to charitable organizations that have helped feed hundreds of less fortunate people in our communities in the capital of B.C. on Vancouver Island, by graciously extending food and monetary donations.  It is a passionate objective of ours to continue to do so moving forward, well into the future, to assist our beautiful communities by helping those in need in any way we can.​

We offer a vast array of products from many different committed vendors of approximately 400 safe, clean, quality cannabis derivatives to dispensaries and medicinal organizations all across Canada, Coast to Coast.  Our team does extensive research on all products so that we, MBMP, can offer you the very best in Health Canada lab-tested cannabis products with the highest standards.

Our products come in sleek clearly labeled packaging for our clients to make sure all products are safe and easy to administer.  We have significant staff and consultants from many different backgrounds that are very knowledgeable to help with providing premier products.  It is our commitment to continue to adapt and grow in this evolving industry with up-to-date knowledge and awareness of cannabis derivatives, which will surely allow MANY patients and members of medicinal organizations across this great nation of ours live better quality of lives.


To provide professional, consistent, client centered products based on evidence informed practice and awareness.  As well as educating and supporting our clients and staff in an environment of wellness and respect.